Frankfurt , The German city of Skyscrappers


Frankfurt , like all large German cities, is marked by the contrast between ancient and modern, with many traditional aspects on the one hand and the tendency to unlimited modernity on the other. Frankfurt, a city known for being the commercial and financial center, is also an important cultural center, whose travelers are left speechless in front of its urban architecture and the beauty of its landscapes.

The Römerberg Square , with the old building of the City Hall, the home of Goethe , a faithful representative of the rich bourgeoisie of the eighteenth century, the Church of St. Paul and the first parliament of Germany form the historic center of the city. Hand in hand with this past is the financial center of Germany, with its important buildings in the forefront. To make a trip to Frankfurt, the best way is the areo. The city's airport is the most important and the largest in Germany, and is well connected with major national and international countries. 

The name of the airport is "Flughafen Frankfurt" and is located 12 km from the center. The airport has a great shuttle service that connects the city to go instead in the other regions it is possible to take the train to Cologne and Stuggart. Frankfurt airport not only get major airlines, but also charter. To reach Frankfurt you can also use a network of buses, call a taxi or rent a car. For renting a car you can Click Here To Proceed


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