Drinking and Eating in Frankfurt

Frankfurt is one of the most visited cities of Germany , is considered one of the most important places in the economy and development not only German but also European, but also has a clear and traditional gastronomy in evidenciable facet.

The cuisine of Frankfurt as well as in parts of Germany noted for its generosity in serving food, ademásde include many meats and vegetables.

Traditional food

Some of the main dishes prepared in Frankfurt are:

Frankfurter Würstchen , although one of the badges of the Frankfurt kitchen, made ​​of pork and is smoked.

Frankfurter rippchen , Frankfurt or chop, pork chop is cured but not smoked, which is cooked in beef broth and served with sauerkraut, mashed potatoes and mustard.

Handkäs mit musik , or Handkäs with music, is an appetizer consisting Handkäs cheese, and served with onion.

Grie Soss , or call Green Salsa is an important accompaniment to meals in Frankfurt, is made ​​with 8 different herbs.

Apfelwein literally "apple wine", is a leading alcoholic beverage that is very popular.
Bethmännchen , this is a marzipan postrecillo fact that glacea and added almonds or hazelnuts.

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